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callous clear review does it work

Callous Clear Review

WPMI-TV Local 15 News recently tested the Callous Clear system in a “Deal or Dud” segment.  They brought the Callous Clear to a local salon and had a tester try it out.  The review shows the process of softening the heels and applying the gel to the pad, then the pad to the feet.  They followed instructions and kept the softening pad on the testers feet for 10 minutes before taking it off. They then used the scraper tool to get rid of the dry callused skin on the heel of her foot and big toe.  The tester said that Callous Clear did a great job of getting rid of the dead skin and definitely softened her feet. When asked if she thought Callous Clear was a deal or a dud, she said it was a deal.  Watch the whole review segment on the Local 15 website here.